Hi Friend!

We love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve on our product and your experience! That is actually why we are starting Viareal now. Because we believe it will take time to craft great products, and it takes many iterations with customers and many many hours of work. We will never be “done”, but we will for sure work on making constant improvements from today together with you and the VR industry jointly together.

VR and 360 content can look amazing if it is given the best possibilities in terms of hardware, software and bandwidth. Creating experiences for the best computers in the world is great fun, but very few can afford it, very few have it and you cannot take it with you. We at Viareal believe that VR can be a great experience for everyone so we are right now focusing on the mobile VR market as it is so many more people that can have access to VR through this platform. However, this means that you have to make some compromises since smartphones aren’t as powerful as computers.

To facilitate the optimal mobile experience on Viareal we put this very simple guide together to understand when Viareal is performing at its best!

1. Use the download feature as much as possible regardless of device, this will remove your dependency on the internet connection

2. Use a headset, preferably a Gear VR, or another one that you feel is comfortable to sit on for quite a while this will make the experience much better.

3. When streaming, try to have as high-bandwidth as possible, this will allow you to use our best streaming layer, if your connection is poor, the quality of the video will look poor. This is amplified in the headset as you are having the screen so close to your eyes and are using magnifying glass to look at the screen.

If you have any feedback or thoughts or are experiencing bugs please drop us a line at support@viareal.in

Take care and lots of love from Viareal-team!